Red breasted Nuthatch

Red breasted Nuthatch
Red breasted Nuthatch

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mark & Anna's wedding

Can you believe that it is Nov 1?  One would never think that with the weather we are having today.
Low 70's for Nov 1 - kind of unheard of but I'll take it.  It's short weather not long pants and coat weather.  But I'm sure it won't last.

Just a warning - this is a long post - lots of pictures to share.

So, today I thought I would share pictures from our son Mark's wedding.  First up is the wedding card I made.  A few months ago I purchased a new die set from Wild Rose Studio, and when I saw it on line I knew I wanted to use for their wedding card.  I computer generated their names and date, and then I used my MINC machine to gold emboss it. The rest is pretty much explanatory.

Mark would of loved to of had his Dad take all the pictures but he didn't think that was fair.  He wanted his Dad to enjoy the wedding rather than devote all his time to picture taking. But Bill was able to capture a few.  The wedding was on the grounds of Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, and the reception was inside.

The Venue:

Rehearsal night

Wedding Day:

I absolutely love this  picture of Mark 

Mark  & me:

Karen (my daughter) & Me:


 Mark & Dad (Bill) - petty good picture eh - I took this one :)

Mark & the boys (Ethan 10, James 5)

The newlyweds: Mark & Anna


Pictures during the reception:

And now for our all time favourite.  I just love how Bill did this one. Anna squealed when we showed them this one.

We are so blessed to have a wonderful Daughter-in-law along with Ethan  & James.  They call us Nana Pauline and Papa Bill - they are such sweet boys.

Thanks for your visit today, and hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Tracy said...

Oh these are wonderful! That last one really is amazing and you did a great job on the father and son one. Love the vintage tones. The card is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think I even knew Wild Rose made dies. Have to check them out. Hugs and congrats to you Nana!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, yay, I've been waiting for these pictures and I'm so thrilled to see them! First, your card is breathtakingly gorgeous! It will have to go in a glass case and be preserved forever. Beautiful dies and flowers and paper. So perfect for the occasion. An absolute WOW!! Now... the wedding pictures. I'm glad Bill and you took a few so you can have them forever, too. Stunning photography! I love the black and white and, ohhhhh, the last one in sepia. What a beautiful setting and pose for that one. Probably one of their favorites of the whole bunch! Such a beautiful couple and the boys are darling. You have acquired a lovely family! And you in that dress -- wowie! I remember when you got it and how much you loved it. Now I see why! Love the accent at the waistline and the draping fabric. Gorgeous! These pictures are simply amazing and I thank you so much for sharing them. What a treat today!

K1 said...

Sigh.....Life is beautiful.

NancyT said...

Oh, what a gorgeous card. The die is stunning along with the colours and placement of your flowers and the vintage look of the paper. A perfect card for a beautiful couple. You have a wonderful family. What a couple of handsome boys too. It sure shows that you are proud and you are certainly blessed. The wedding pictures are lovely. Certainly love the B&W ones along with the sepia one. These pics are a lovely keepsake. Also love the picture of mother and daughter 😌 Thanks for sharing these special moments with us. Hugs

Stacy Morgan said...

The wedding card is gorgeous! Wow.... Glad your husband was able to enjoy the wedding and not take pictures, I think the fill in did a pretty stinkin good job also. ;-) What wonderful pictures. I really like the black and white ones. The sepia one looks marvelous, so classy! Glad you had a wonderful wedding and the kids look happy as ever!

Carla Murphy said...

First I'm in love with that wedding card - what a beautiful job! Love all the pictures of the wedding... and especially love your dress. Looks like a gorgeous wedding with a gorgeous wedding couple. :)

CherylQuilts said...

WOW! Pauline, what a gorgeous wedding card, and the design with the stunning flowers are amazing! And how precious that you personalized it with the pennant die across! They must have loved it! And what beautiful photos of everyone! I love your dress, and you love gorgeous! Congratulations to the family, and how dear that the kids call you Nana Pauline and Papa Bill! So dear! Hugs!