Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My first photography photos

Hello everyone!  Hope your enjoying your weekend.  It's a beautiful day here in SW Ontario, still a bit cool temperature wise, but the sun is shining which helps warm it up. 

A few weeks ago Bill asked if I wanted to get into Photography. He has mentioned it a few times over the past year, but I was undecided.  You all know that Bill is the photographer and I am the 'binocular' gal.  I find all the birds and Bill captures them, and I was happy with that.  I often thought of photography but knew I would never be able to handle the weight of Bill's camera to catch those small birds.  He gave me a few suggestions for lenses, something lighter,  we went and looked at one and made the purchase. 

So last weekend, we went up to Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area, and I had my first attempt at photography.  I must say, watching someone else it looks fairly easy, but it's not! It took a bit  to be able to hold the camera up without shaking too much, focus and shoot.    It wasn't bad when shooting along the lake edge because you are crouched down and the camera was low, but flight shots etc, it will take sometime. I think I need to lift some weights, to strengthen my arms! There is so much still to learn as I am just beginning.

Although I took tons of pictures and a lot were blurry,  I did mange to capture some pretty good ones. Here are the ones I took:

Mallard (male) in the morning sunlight -

Wood duck

Mute swan - isn't the sunlight gorgeous against the swan?

This was taken yesterday, a Great Horned owl with an owlet.

So what do you think, not bad for my first attempt eh?

Okay, now onto some amazing photos from Bill.  

This first one of the Eagles, was taken along Lake St. Clair back in February.  We had a bit of a thaw, so the ice was breaking up and they were floating down river.  On one of our outings we  spotted eagles flying above and they landed on this floating ice.

Next up, we have a pair of cardinals.  These were taken in our backyard after a snowfall.

This was taken up on Oakville last weekend.  Mute Swan. 

Mallard (female) along one of the creeks in Chatham - early morning - gorgeous!

Northern Harrier Hawk - male - also known as 'the grey ghost'

Northern Harrier Hawk - female

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I will be back soon with some pictures from our trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Feb.

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!



Leslie Miller said...

Pauline, your photos are so incredible I'm freaking out! Oh, how I would love to take such photos. The colors on the wood duck and the golden light with the swan... you did some amazing work here! You and Bill together are a force to be reckoned with. Love Bill's photos of the Cardinals in the snow... those lifted wings of the male and the more muted, yet beautiful colors of the female, sigh... The female mallard standing on her own reflection is quite an interesting shot, too. Do tell what camera you ended up with. Just curious. Bravo!

Ros Crawford said...

I think they are wonderful!! I love seeing wildlife photos... Keep 'em coming!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Pauline!!! What amazing and fabulous photographs you've taken on your first attempt! I am so impressed -- just beyond impressed! You are a natural, and I know you will get better and better at being able to handle the weight of the camera and feel more comfortable with trying to get the birds in flight! Bill is a professional, and his work is amazing with the birds in flight! What a joy you both must have in birding. I love looking at the close-ups and just scrolling through them...some seem to be flying IRL! Thank you and Bill for sharing these amazing photographs! I LOVE them!! Warm hugs and a big CONGRATS!

Tracy said...

You did fantastic!!! Oh my gosh the way you captured the colors in the ducks and that beautiful swan. Most (99%) of my pics are blurry. :-( You'll be giving Bill a run for his money soon.