Eastern Bluebird - Male

Eastern Bluebird - Male
Eastern Bluebird

Monday, July 11, 2016

Spring birds # 2

Today, rather than a card post I thought I would share some more of Bill's photo's.  These are during the month of May during Spring Migration.

The swallows were all sitting in this bare bush along the shoreline of Lake Erie down at Pt. Pelee National Park. There were hundreds of them.

Be sure to click on the pictures to have a closer look.

Pt. Pelee National Park

Countryside in Kent County

Rondeau Provincial Park

Skunk's Misery

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you real soon with a card.



Stacy Morgan said...

You and your husband sure do have a knack for getting these birds to hold still long enough for a picture. ;-) They always fly away before I have a chance to get the photo. Beautiful yellow ones, wow!

Tracy said...

The colors on the barn swallows are so pretty. Never seen those before or the bobolink. Such pretty creatures.

Leslie Miller said...

Incredible, magnificent, heart-stopping photos! I can never get enough. Love the Northern Flicker with his polka dots, and that beautiful, soft Cedar Waxwing in such a pretty, leafy setting. I've never seen or heard of a Bobolink. Love that photo in flight over the grass. In June there were swallows galore at one of our outdoor locations we visit. I couldn't believe how many. I figured they were barn swallows, but not sure. An orange-ish underbelly with the shimmery dark blue elsewhere. Skunk's Misery? Funny name for a place! Must be someone's last name, I'm guessing. Thanks so much for this interlude of nature and beauty, Pauline!