Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Monday, June 15, 2015


Happy Monday!  Just popping in for a quick post.

As I mentioned in my last post I was going to reveal my 'secret' today.  I can't hold it in any more - I am a   "DIRTY DOZEN" gal! How exciting is that!

I received a private email from SCS a few weeks back.  At first when I saw the email I thought someone was asking a question about one of my cards I posted. As I was reading the email I couldn't believe what I was reading - Lydia asking me to join the Dirty Dozen team - WHAT? Me??.  I re-read the email again thinking maybe I read it wrong.  Nope.. I read it right.  So of course right away I emailed Lydia back and told her I would love to join the team.

So as of today, I'm officially a Dirty Girl for 6 months.!  It still hasn't sunk in yet though - hehe!  I'm just so honored and thrilled to be on this team among so many talented ladies past and present.  I hope you will get a chance to pop over to the Dirty Dozen gallery and have a peak.

Have a wonderful day!



Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh, how fabulous is that! You've always been Dirty in my book, though. Wow! You'll be busy for the next six months, for sure. Huge congratulations, Pauline!

Shirley T. said...

Hi Pauline,

Congratulations I am sooooo pleased for you. You sound really, really thrilled but your cards are up there with the best. Don't mean to put a damper on the day but who or what are the Dirty Dozen or shouldn't I ask but I am sure it is quite respectable. (lol)

Much love,

Shirley T. xxx

Tracy said...

Congratulations Pauline!!! No surprise at all that they would want you on their team. So happy for you. Hugs!

CherylQuilts said...

A big congratulations and welcome to the Dirt Pile, Pauline!! I knew it would happen someday, and that day finally came -- woohoo! Enjoy your time on the Dirty Dozen, and enjoy being a Dirty Girl for life!! Hugs, sweet friend!