Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Algonquin Park

Hi everyone.  Hope your enjoying your weekend.

As promised a couple of months ago, here are some of our favourite photos Bill took while we spent Easter Weekend up in Algonquin Park.

To enlarge, please click on each picture.


Would love to hear which is your favourite.



LindaH said...

is that your hand holding that little bird??? and sorry, I CANNOT pick a fav.

LindaH said...

okay....gray jay #4 is my fav.

Pauline said...

Yes, Linda, that is my hand. I also had a Gray Jay, Boreal chicadee and a Nut hatch land on my hand, it was so cool!

Leslie said...

Really? Pick a fav? If I must I'll go with #4 GRAYJAY - he looks so lovely and fluffy on that fir tree! You take the most amazing photos my friend!!

Debbie said...

Incredible photos. The birds are great, especially on your hand, but my favourite is the black & white winter thaw. Does Bill teach photography - class or private?

Patricia said...

Oh! My! Word! Everyone of these pictures is stunning.
Fantastic photography

Patricia XX

Pauline said...

Hi Debbie,
Yes Bill will do a private class. Just send me an email if your interested.

Tracy said...

The landscape photos are so beautiful in black and white but that birdie perched on your hand is just amazing. Incredible shot! Hugs!

Vicki Garrett said...

Ohh my gosh! They are all gorgeous, but I would say the last one is my fave~

Leslie Miller said...

These pictures are incredible. I have to wonder if your husband is a professional photographer, then I saw your reply to Debbie, so maybe he is? I keep coming back to the last Gray Jay as a favorite. The landscapes are stunning. I'm also partial to the photo of the little brown chickadee. It's wonderful to see these little birds up close like this. They're so sweet!

Pauline said...

Hi Leslie, No he is not a professional, just does this for a hobby.