Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Morning frost

I wanted to share a couple of pictures I took early this morning around 6:50 am.  We had a very mild day here yesterday compared to the frigid week we had, but it drops again tonight down to -30C.  Yesterdays temperature was around -1 and light fluffy snow.  With the warm temps yesterday and the cool night we woke up to heavy ice/frost on everything.  I went out and snap a few pictures. Now mind you these are nothing like Bill with take with his Nikon, this is just my little point and shoot Lumix Panasonic.  Not the best but you will be able to see the frost.

 this was looking out into our backyard towards the east as the sun was rising:

frost on some tall grass:

looking down the street.  Now the tree on the left that is tilting, it is really tilting - it's not me (LOL).
this is from over the years with the strong winds from the west have forced the tree to lean.

There you go, my frosty morning.  Have a wonderful day,


Leslie Miller said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful, Pauline! I hope the ice doesn't do any damage. Last year there was an ice storm in the valley where my son lives and a lot of trees went down. Lots of branches and clean up to be done at his house, but no trees, thank goodness. I wouldn't mind a little snow here once in a while, but it can wait till after I retire. Today it was sunny and 62 degrees and we spent the day outside with the dogs.

Tracy said...

Don't sell yourself short. These photos are wonderful. I think some of Bill's composition technique has rubbed off on you. :-)